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Shmata Love.

Adrianne Ho + Jake Davis. GQ.

Model: Adrianne Ho.
Photographer: by Ryan Kibler.
Creative director: Jake Davis.
Hair stylist: Kiyo Igarashi.
Makeup Artist: Rie Hirabayashi.


Riding the Wave.

Gideon Mendel. Photographer. South African. London.

DROWNING WORLD is Gideon Mendel's new exhibition showing at London's Somerset House from May 10th to June 5th 2012. It presents his ongoing global project about flooding. Since 2007 he's visited six countries (The UK, India, Haiti, Pakistan, Australia and Thailand) that have been devastated by massive flooding-in an attempt to visually address the issue of climate change. "I chose to shoot on film, using old Rolleiflex cameras. The heart of the project is a series of portraits of flood victims at their homes within the landscape of their own personal calamity. Making these images often involved returning with them through waist high floodwaters so they could show their circumstances to the world. My intention is to depict them as individuals, not as nameless statistics. Coming from disparate parts of the world, their faces show us their linked vulnerability despite the vast differences in their lives and circumstances."

Pen & Ink. Blog. San Francisco.

Pen & Ink is a blog by Rumpus managing editor Isaac Fitzgerald and the amazing artist Wendy MacNaughton that tells the stories behind tattoos with the use of beautiful illustrations and hand lettering.


Transmission LA: AV CLUB. The Geffen Contemporary. MOCA LA.

It’s the second edition of the TRANSMISSION festival organized by the Avant/Garde Diaries, a Mercedes-Benz project. Mike D of the Beastie Boys is the curator of this edition, he invited 17 artists to create an exceptional 17 days event consisting of concerts, DJ nights, performances and installations. I must say that Mike D and the team did an excellent job, it’s a true AV Club experience. The line-up of artists is just up my alley: Tom Sachs, Cory Arcangel, Mike Mills, Takeshi Murata etc.


Michael Gaughan. Artist. Minneapolis.

Ana in the Sun.

Toby & Elinor.

Andrew WK.


Titi Phan.

Pillow Fight.

Giant Baby Alligator vs Muscle Car.

The Hairdresser...Beets.

I Spill Smart Water on your Smart Phone.

Glass Uterus.

A Dent in a Decadent Deck.

Never-Nude Descending a Stair-Car.

Jon Neilson.

Har Mar Superstar Portrait.

Nude Descending a Staircase (Toby Chihuahua).

Alabama Church.

Still Life w/ Select Tool Marching Ants.


issue 101 Submission.
watercolor on paper.