conspiracy theories.

Yet another Salvation Army find. This book looked intriguing when seeing it on the shelf. Like something I would read. But I was super pumped to see it was actually a diary. Not only cause its ill looking but because I've been looking for a blank paged black journal.
When flipping through the pages I found some pressed leaves. You just don't get pretty, dried plants in new books.


Terry Richardson.

I think I'll take up drinking vodka...



SANNA. Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa.

Details of a Study model.
I took these of the SANNA exhibit at the Stockholm Museum of Architecture back in June. I had such a field day.

Dr. Seuss. The story of human beings.

This story is about the 'Yooks' and the 'Zooks' who live on opposite sides of a wall. At the time this was written, the wall was a metaphor-it separated the Americans from the Soviets who were on the verge of waging nuclear war. Today the story holds a different meaning as there are many physical walls being built around the world as a way to 'deal' with conflicts between other groups. Through his illustrations and words, Dr.Seuss expresses very clearly that building walls will never be the solution...it will only perpetuate and create more conflict and violence.
Dr.Seuss was a genius. A man ahead of his time.

Cat Power painted.

Henrieke Ribbe. Germany.
Oil on canvas. 2007


...at least the album cover art is ill.

...reminds me of Helmut Newton's Mrs. Cohen X-Ray. 1995

Blue Light.

Like many Canadians I have seasonal affect disorder (SAD). Bit the bullet and got this goLITE by Blue Wave at good ol' COSTCO. It's a great design as its small and portable, unlike the older models that were 50 lbs and hideous.



This one I took. This dudes brows are his real hair. The rest is ink.

Wax seal rings.

Seal rings were the old school way of signing your name. The crest or symbol design on it repped your family name and status. Wax was melted to seal envelopes. Too bad people don't write on paper anymore, let alone send actual letters or documents in envelopes that would NEED sealing. Maybe owning a radical seal ring would change all that!?

Lucy Gough. I heart her.

James Joyce.

For Penguin Books-Stop Climate Chaos.

Chris Thompson.

Hand screen printed limited edition poster. In memory of Allen Ginsberg.


Hellen Van Meene. Denmark.

I saw Hellen Van Meene's solo exhibit at the C/O Berlin (a huge, untouched, beautiful ex-post office). Burned into my memory.

Nicolai Howalt. Denmark.

Homegirl Martha Rich. California.


Swedish artist Mamma Andersson. Mad love.

I saw Anderssons solo show at the great Moderna Museet.

Swedish artist Anna Bjerger.