Aida Sabic. Artist. Melbourne.

oil on paper.

ink on paper.
Simple and stylish portraits (the series ought to be called 'bitchy-looking chicks')

Vintage Danish design. Monocle.

Monocle goes to Copenhagen to see how classic Danish furniture continues to inspire a nation of designers and features Modern Danish Warehouse pop up shop in London: WATCH HERE

Duluth Pack. Since 1882. Made in USA.

Wanderer Backpack.

The Scout Pack.

Guide Pack.

Sparky Bag.

Standard Laptop Daypack.

Lumberjack Pack.

Laptop Book Bag.

Double Shell Bags.

Field Satchel.

I want em all.

Marc Brandenburg's drawings. Germany.

pencil on paper.
Marc's Bonkers is on at CFA Berlin till April 13th.
see previous post on Marc here.

Quicksilver. Movie. 1986.

so fucking cool.


Nigel Cox. Painter. England.

oil on linen.

Like I was saying...

...thanks for listening.


A Tribe Called Quest. Left My Wallet In El Segundo.


Alfred Eisenstaedt VS. Scout Tufankjian.

love this expressive photo of young Obama fans by photojournalist Scout Tufankjian (2008)... reminds me of Alfred Eisenstaedt's photograph titled The Parisians (1963) of kids watching a puppet show (both images involve talking heads.)

Jowhara AlSaud. Artist. NY/Saudi Arabia.

Jowhara etches drawings into photo film and prints them in a darkroom..."I'm trying to point out how malleable it (photography) is as a medium, even before digital manipulation became so advanced and accessible (...) What also interests me is that the information omitted (faces, skin) creates an image of its own, as do the censors to our cultural landscape."