The Birdcage. 1996.

I love this movie. I love this scene.

Graham Miller. Photographer. Australia.


Shinichi Maruyama. Japanese. NYC.

Photography + high speed water splash. This action is a form of Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) performance- with the gesture executed in the air rather than on flat paper.

Kids make rad art.

via- wordandimage.wordpress.com

Alicia Martin. Sculptor. Madrid.



A.P.C. Tennis Shoes.

Good god.

Chance Liscomb. Sculptor. Virginia.

Biblio-file. Steel, Books.
As part of the Reclaimed exhibit at The Target Gallery-national exhibition space of the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Virginia.

Kent Henricksen's embroidery. NYC.

I was lucky enough to see some of Henricksen's work at the Armory show this year, represented by John Connelly Presents, an NY gallery.

Marguerite Patten. England.

Marguerite Patten. Born in 1915. Home economist, food writer, broadcaster, British icon. During WW II she worked for the Ministry of Food offering recipes using the rationed food that was available. She broadcast her advice on the BBC radio show the Kitchen Front. Her BBC cooking show first aired in 1947- she was one of the 1st TV 'celebrity chefs'. Even in her 90s she continues to contribute to the British food movement (recently interviewed Jamie Oliver-can't wait to get hands on that).

Jen Stark. Artist. Miami.

see my previous post on Jen here.


Vans Vault. Sk8 Hi Lx + Half Cab Lx.

so fresh and so clean.

YSL. Stefano Pilati. S/S 09.

French design company Yves Saint Laurent lives on.
These fine works of art are only being sold at Colette.


Grey Gardens.

Airing on HBO April 18, 2009. The film was based on an original documentary made about Grey Gardens in 1975. Finally a hollywood movie that I wanna see!

Drew at the Premier looking beautifully classic.

Barnaby Barford. Sculptor. UK.

Happy Meal.

Family Feast.

Salads! I'll give them fucking salads!

Mary had a little lamb.

Wait until I get home, they're going to go crazy!

Look Buddy! Just remember who pays the bills round here.

Do it again, I didn't press record.

Wonderland?! What fucking postcode's that?

Cry 'Havoc' and let slip the dogs of war.

Porcelain, earthenware, enamel paint, painted wooden base + other media.

Satirical sculpture at it's best. Stumbling across Barnaby's work was a real gift... so exciting to see such brilliant art.

More narrative ceramics here.

Diane Arbus. A documentary.

March 14th 1923 – July 26th 1971.
Arbus was one of the most original+influential American photographers of the 20th century.
via- americansuburbx.com


Aaliyah had ill style.

I was totally into that 'Aaliyah baggy jeans' tip in high school... I still dig Aaliyah's style. I can't believe it's been 8 years since she passed away... I remember being really bummed about it.