Ricochet Studio. Vancouver.


Sweet tooth. David Khang.
Created by artist Jeremy Hatch, Ricochet studio produces limited edition ceramics in collaboration with artists from various disciplines.
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Kit Malo. The Emporium. Montreal.

The Art of Getting Along.
OPENING Thurs Oct. 23. 7-11pm. Until Oct 26th 12-6pm.
3035 St. Antoine Ouest. #74.
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Michael Crouser. Photographer. Brooklyn.

Dog Run.

Banksy's Pet Store and Charcoal Grill. NYC.

Interesting how people love/respect their pet animals but not the animals which they eat-as if somehow they are different?

Nuggets are actually chickens!

Tweety looking like a factory-farmed chicken.

Banksy recently opened his first official exhibition in NY as a fake pet store. He created robotic animals and set them in environments of his own design. The project addresses the relationship between humans and animals, and questions the ethics + sustainability of factory farming.
Mad props to Banksy (as usual) for bringing up such important issues and in such a creative+effective way.
Watch video clips of the works/installations here

Jehad Nga. Photographer. Somalia.

My Shadow. My Opponent. Training for the Kibera Olympic boxing team. Now showing at M+B Gallery. LA.
Nga is a 30 year old American photo journalist who has worked a lot in 'conflict areas' such as Iraq and Darfur. Jehad is also a trained medic... he helps people by bringing their stories to the public through his images and also by offering medical care in times of need. He is currently working in Somalia... revenue from the work produced in Somalia is going to build a school there. Jehad's photos all share a distinct and beautiful quality of light, shadow, and color... see what I mean here


Popeye the Sailor Man. Gopher Spinach. 1954.

I loved Popeye the sailor man as a youngin' and have recently got back into it as the show has more meaning to me now... kinda in the same way that Dr. Sues books has different/deeper meaning when reading them as an adult. Popeye was one of the first 'food education' TV programs for kids...Popeye grows big and strong by eating spinach... his 'friend' Olive Oyl is named after a healthy oil... Popeye calls his adopted child 'Sweet Pea'..."I yam what I yam" is Popeyes famous expression- all great subconscious healthy food messages for kids! This particular episode shows Popeye growing his own (local) spinach and how the process of producing food is much more efficient when working with nature (the gopher)... in other words Popeye was advocating organic/traditional farming. Popeye is also just a rad dude with great anchor tats... he is my inspiration for halloween this year.



Monica Vitti. Iconic Actress. Italy.

Vitti has been in over 50 films, many of which were starring roles in Michelangelo Antonioni's flicks throughout the late 50s-70s. She's a classic.

Adrian Johnson. Illustrator. London.

Bjorn Johansson. Sweden.