Joakim Eskildsen. Copenhagen.


Helen Levitt. Photographer. Brooklyn.

Documenting the streets of New York-1930s-1990s.
Helen Levitt was a pioneer of color photography. Helen started shooting seriously in '59 when receiving a Guggenheim grant, which was renewed for a 2nd year, allowing her to record hundreds of color images. Unfortunately, a burglar broke into her apartment in 1970 and stole most of her color transparencies and prints. Levitt persevered, continuing taking photos and building a new collection of work... these are the color images we can see today.
Helen is still kickin it in her 90s... she now photographs farm animals in the countryside.
Listen to an interview with Helen on npr.org here.

Cupcake Art Explosion.

cupcakes on a stick-what more could you want out of life?

(I don't know him... but I love him.)

Clearly I'm dealing with an online addiction... a cupcake porn addiction... but hey the first step towards recovery is admitting you have a problem right?

For MORE glorious cake on cake action check cupcakestakethecake.blogspot.com

Department of Eagles + Marcel Dzama.

Produced by The Directors Bureau, Patrick Daughters.
Marcel Dzama co-directed on costumes+set design.
MoMA hosted the world premiere of Department of this video as part of the museum's PopRally series.
Patrick Daughters also did Feist's 1234 video.
Marcel Dzama is a NY-based Canadian artist+original member of Royal Art Lodge.
Department of Eagles = Daniel Rossen (guitarist/vocalist of Grizzly Bear) + Fred Nicolaus.