Marcel van Eeden. Artist. Dutch. Germany.

Since 1993, Van Eeden has created thousands of small-format charcoal + pencil drawings on paper, based on motifs taken from magazines, books, and topographical atlases dating from before the year of his birth.

Christophe Lemaire. Fashion design. France.

French designer Christophe Lemaire started working for Yves Saint Laurent, Michel Klein and Jean Patou house where he meets Christian Lacroix. When Lacroix created his own house, Christophe Lemaire became the head designer of womens ready-to-wear. These days he runs his own label, under his own name, and also designs for Lacoste.

Marcela Restrepo Uribe. Columbian living in Sydney.



Death and Texas. Bags. Dallas + Brooklyn.

Handlebar Bag.

U-Lock Holster/Hip pouch.

The Clutch.

Attachable shoulder strap converts these bike bags into a purse when you’re not on your bike. Made frome cotton with natural canvas lining. Two interior pockets. Brass hardware. Hand-stamped Death and Texas logo.

Melanie Oudin. Tennis Pro. American.

the girl's only 17 and already a champ!

Opening Ceremony + Keds.


Steven Alan. Fashion Design. NYC.


The Future of the Internet- and How to Stop It.

Jonathan Zittrain. Great thinker. Cyberlaw scholar. His recent book, The Future of the Internet - And How to Stop It, posits that the explosive growth of the Internet may prove to be its biggest drawback.
Learn more here: futureoftheinternet.org

Greg Drasler. Artist. Illinois. Lives in NY.