Portrait on Jason Last. Crain TV.

Jason Last is the unofficial pioneer of the fashion film genre, having worked with the likes of heavyweights Rodarte, Comme des Garçons and supermodel Crystal Renn. Without a formal film school education, Last chose to focus his efforts on the emerging medium of fashion film before everyone else caught up, realising this would soon be the ultimate way of sharing your wares with the world.
Crain TV is a London based online video magazine for contemporary culture.


Laura Heaney. Artist. Toronto.


Chris Burden's Metropolis II.

Chris Burden took 4 years to build this incredible kinetic mini highway city, which will find a home at the LA Country Museum of Art. Chris has designed the city to circulates 1,100 Hot Wheels cars without crashes-impressive.

Wendy Macnaughton. Illustrator. SF.