Mademoiselle Yulia. Jewelry designer. DJ. Tokyo.

This steezy lady has already released 2 remix albums + created a next-lev jewelry line called Ginza and she's only 22 years old. Expect more buzz.

The House That Joey Built. Agricultural Reader.

Founded in 2006 by Jeremy Schmall, The Agriculture Reader (AG Reader) is a small arts journal that is published and distributed once a year. This promo video features the skills of Brooklyn illustrator Joey Parlett, a contributor to the journal.

Alison Elizabeth Taylor. Artist. Brooklyn.

Wood veneer, shellac.
see previous posts on Alison HERE and HERE.

Rock Steady + Porter Collabo. Japan.

cotton canvas tarpaulin.

2pac + Biggie kickin it.


Buckminster Fuller. Architect. Author. Inventor. American.


Fuller created numerous architectural designs, but is most famous for his geodesic dome... Montreal's well known and loved Biosphère (Expo 67) is one of my fave of his creations. He introduced synergetics, which he described as a 'metaphoric language for communicating experiences using geometric concepts'. Fuller also developed many ideas for practical, inexpensive shelter and transportation in cities... he was concerned about sustainability and about human survival yet remained optimistic about the future. As an early environmental activist, he was very aware of the planet's finite resources and promoted a principle that he termed "ephemeralization", which he coined to mean "doing more with less". He published 30 books, which documented his life and philosophies. The dude was rad.

Mickey Smith. Photographer. NY.



The Platform on the Ocean. Arthur Russell.

(love 6:58-7:05)