Jacob Holdt. American Pictures.

This is Jacob with the wicked braided beard.
The Danish Jacob Holdt is a very interesting man, his site is worth looking at. http://www.american-pictures.com/
He reveals the racism in America from the black and the white perspectives.

Marc Johns is the man. He's also from Canada.

MOBA Museum of Bad Art.

Opening in 1994, MOBA's permanent gallery of about 400 pieces only shows 20-40 pieces at a time. It is the world's only museum dedicated to bad art. This fantastic institution is location in Dedham, Massachusetts, in the basement of an old building, lit by a single fluorescent light.
They even have a MOBA Rejection Collection Auction where you can buy some shitty art along with a certificate saying it was officially rejected by the Museum.



By: 180 Amsterdam.


Jayne Holsinger. NYC.

Margaret Thatcher Projects.
The last 3 are from her Mennonite series. Gosh I love these paintings.


'The Bullshit Button'. A portable BS announcer driven by two AAA-batteries. When pushing the button you'll hear:
A) “That was bullshit”
B) “Bullshit detected, take precautions”
C) “Bullshit level defcon 5″
D) “Oh come on now, that ain’t even bullshit, that’s horseshit”
E) “Warning, warning, bullshit alert”
The cost on Amazon $10.99. The cost of expressing your annoyance at peoples BS without opening your mouth-priceless.

Phoebe Washburn. New York

Re-used materials from the street.
Phoebe works with themes of environmental sustainability/urban planning/recycling.
She is an artist of the 'Cycle-Logical' project as part of the 'Avant-Guardians' art movement. I cannot even begin to explain this art group/ideology...its fantastical. Check it out yourself: http://avant-guardians.com/index.html

Timothy Hull. NYC.