Margaret Kilgallen. SF.


Gregory Colbert. Toronto. Ashes and Snow.

(not digitally altered-these are totally real life scenarios/images)

I've seen these photos frequently online/books/mags and am always blown away/moved by them...Colbert's foundation, the Animal Copyright Foundation is awesome: a non-profit entity that works to collect 1% of all media buys that use (and often abuse) animals in advertising + commercial communication and distribute the funds to conservation organizations around the world.

"Four Horseman of the Apocalypse"

Paul Pfeiffer. 2001. Digi C-Prints.
Born in Hawaii. Lives in NYC.
I love the title- Four Horseman of the Apocalypse: it's a historical reference to the woodcuts of Albrecht Durer, an innovator in the field of representation of the figure study (AND the creator of the famous 'praying hands' design I love so much). It also refers to the biblical story of the four horsemen who appear at the time of the apocalypse.

Paul went through NBA photo archives/video footage from TV/ his own video footage to find the perfect stills. He then edited out some of the noise to create these golden moment images. Check him at work:


Suck UK Design.

Solid wood postcard. Design by Julie Teninbaum and Drus Dryden.
Carve/scratch your own message with a key/knife.
Inspiration: people carving their initials onto trees.


Nadia Plesner. Artist. Activist. Denmark.

From Nadia's website...."Simple Living is an idea inspired by the medias constant cover of completely meaningless things. My thought was: Since doing nothing but wearing designerbags and small ugly dogs appearantly is enough to get you on a magasine cover, maybe it is worth a try for people who actually deserves and needs attention... I felt horrified by the fact that even with the genocide and other ongoing atrocities in Darfur, Paris Hilton was the one getting all the attention. Is it possible that show business have outruled common sense?"

Well said.

Nadia is giving 100% of the profits from the T-shirt +poster to Divest for Darfur organization.

Sustainable Pet Design.

The Greenroof Animal Home. Stephanie Rubin. Chris Isner. California.
Only non-toxic materials used.
Next-level ness.


Jake Von Slatt. The Steampunk Monitor and Keyboard.
The side pieces are 19th century gas lamp arms, they inspired the project.
I'm all about the keyboard! bringing back the ol' typewriter steez.

Dave Veloz. Victorian style Mac Mini Mod, Monitor & Keyboard.

Check this website to see Jake's other projects: http://steampunkworkshop.com/



Kromland Farm Organic Rooibos Tea. From South Africa’s Cedar Mountains. Recipe from the ancient South African Khoisan people. Since 1902.
I am not really into Rooibos myself but this packaging design is splendid.

LAYERS. Richard Hutten. Denmark.

Milan Design Week 08.
(via DesignBoom)

Steve Powers a.k.a ESPO = GOLD


Inspiration Tangent.

Born For Hard Luck. Portrait of Arthur 'Peg Leg' Jackson. A film by Tom Davenport. Arthur was a harmonica player, singer, and comedian... Part of this clip was in (the most fantastical film of all time) Amelie Pouline (Jean-Pierre Jeunet)... After watching that movie I became obsessed with researching all the creative references in it... Another bit of goodness from the movie is this painting by the German artist/illustrator Michael Sowa:

Kranker Hund.
Sowa is also the man responsible for this 'Schweine lampe' from the film:

Well now that I've got onto Sowa I can't forget this wonderful painting...

Kohler's Pig.

SHAPEd canvas.

Sandra Tarantino. Toronto.