I heart Andy Rementer.

Notice the toy troll on the computer-genius visual to indicate 'the 90's'...why were they popular again?

Andy is a next level graphic designer+ comic strip writer.
His site TECHNOTUESDAY puts out a new comic gem every tuesday!

Cravendale ad. Pic Pic Andre- Nexus productions. UK

Kyle Bean. UK

convenient for the porn addicts...


Greg Rock. Painter. UK.


Water Works.

Eric Zener. Oil on canvas.

Sarah Harvey. London.

Ron Jamieson Jr. Montreal

Ron is the father of my friend Emilia...because he is the raddest dude ever he has also become my friend.

Computing Etiquette.

The graphics are so terrible they're great.
These guidelines are actually quite useful for those of us who spend hours on the computer...


Animals on Art.

"Creature Comforts". Aardman animation. England.
Peter Lord and David Sproxton are the men behind Aardman. They created Wallace & Gromit, one of my favorite shows.
p.s I always thought Paul Giamatti looked like he should be a Aardman character... he has that wide oval shaped mouth. Next time you see him in something, you'll notice...

Information through Illustration.

Matt Rota.
I took notice of this dude when his work was published in the amazing Utne Reader mag.