Magnificent Revolution Headquarters. Carl Turner Architects. London.

Carl Turner Architects created the headquarters for the not-for-profit organisation ‘Magnificent Revolution’ (MR) at Hackney City Harm. MR is made up of artists, musicians, designers, ecologists, and engineers, and functions as a cross-disciplinary organisation working in education, ecology, engineering, design, art, music and film. The multi-purpose space was created from a converted shipping container. The space demonstrates and teaches energy efficiency principles. It is insulated externally with lambswool and wood fibre slabs, it has a wild flower roof, the timber cladding is made from recycled palettes, and the Joinery and floor are made from straw board. Built by volunteers with low- tech construction techniques.


Mathias Dahlgren. Restaurant. Chef. Stockholm.

tour of the epic restaurant located at the beautiful Grand Hôtel.
"Natural produce and natural taste are essential for the natural cuisine." -Mathias Dahlgran
Mathias Dahlgren - Creative Leader. Martin Berg - Executive Chef. Daniella Illerbrand - Service & Beverage Manager.


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"a super serious project about dogs and physics."
I heart Maddie.
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