Alison Jackson. England.

Queenie in the loo.



Tom, Suri and Scientology.

Georgy trying to figure it out.


No it's not who you think it is... but it could be.

Corpus+U.O Collabo.

Corpus is the best... jazzed about their line for urban outfitters-no shame in the game.

Florian Slotawa. Berlin.

Matthew Palladino. SF.

watercolor,acrylic gouache, acrylic ink on cold pressed paper.

Food+Beverage tats=Hilarity.

Rachel Ray. HFSB. (holyfuckingshitballs).


Chris Gilmour. Italy.

There are no frames or structures used as a base, Chris simply uses packaging cardboard+glue to create these life size pieces. Un-believable Purist Art.

Me. At Home.

Mans Best Friend.

Found my new mug at a garage sale on Esplanade. Cost me 1 whole dollar.

Doug Brown. Toronto. The Emporium.

Visit The Emporium gallery Thursday, August 28th. 7-11pm.
3035 St. Antoine Ouest. #74. Montreal.
(Lionel Groulx metro)


Dov Charney. LA.

This sculpture is located at the entrance of Dov's home in LA. Speaks for itself.

Perpetual Datebook.

Dark brown soy-based ink on recycled paper/50% bamboo.
Purchase here.

Vasco Mourao. Illustrator.

Greatest line drawings I've ever seen.