Faces. JR. France.

Directed by Gérard Maximin. Switzerland/France/Netherlands. 2008.
Just watched Faces at the Montreal Human Rights film festival. One of the producers Marc Berrebi was present and explained that film came about as an accident... the original project was to create a book of photos... they filmed the whole process in order to capture the commentary of the local people and by the end of the trip they had enough footage for a film.
We hope that this project will contribute to a better understanding between Israelis and Palestinians.

Snake Island Furniture. Toronto.

Snake Island Furniture= Tyler Ganton. Arborist + Angelo Travenaut. Master cabinet maker.
They use reclaimed, reused, salvaged wood harvested from Toronto's windfall and deadall trees to make their furniture.
PLUS for every piece sold, they plant a tree.

Where the Wild Things Are.

Spike Jonze is making an adaptation of Maurice Sendak's classic book Where the Wild Things Are. Written by Dave Eggers, produced by Tom Hanks (and others). Forest Whitaker is the narrarator, and James Gandolfini + Lauren Ambrose are voices of characters. OH and the film was scored by Karen O. Due out fall of 2009!


Maria Forde. Artist. SF.

someone i wish i was friends with.



Crisping Lover.

John Candy.

Louise Fletcher.

(scratch and sniff stickers from the 80s! amaze.)

A Strange 31 years.

I really wanted to include all of Maria's artwork in this post... I controlled myself, but do yourself the favor and check her website: mariaforde.net


My birthday wish.

Scott Campbell. NYC.

Scott Campbell started Saved Tattoo studio/shop in Brooklyn and has just set up in the basement of The Smile concept shop in Manhattan.
Scott tatted an old man on the late Heath Ledger’s right bicep + Marc Jacobs got inked with bull terriers + a portrait of Elizabeth Taylor on his back!

Ana Kras. Artist. Serbia.

Ana also designed a chair...

and she created this awesome embroydered mural...

PLUS she makes wonderful drawings...


Garance Dore. Streetstyle.



Marc Travanti. Artist. NY.

Entanglement series.
oil on canvas.

Vietnam. Band. Stylish dudes. Brooklyn.

These dudes are rad looking+sounding.