Evah Fan. California.

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Edward del Rosario. Brooklyn.

oil on linen over panel.
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Push Gallery. Montreal.

Jody Hargreaves. Montreal.

Daniel Hutchinson. Halifax.

Vitaly Medvedovsky. Montreal.

Robyn Cumming. Toronto.

Galerie Push just opened here in MTL... It's a wonderful space! go check the current show Everything You Ever Wanted until Oct 12th. 5264 St. Laurent.


Henry Allen. NYC.

Blockade table for Umbra Home Furnishings.

Block shelves.
Harry Allen & Associates. www.harryallendesign.com.

Furni. Montreal + Hulger. London.

Pappa phone. Handcrafted from solid walnut and brass.
The world's first wooden, production Skype phone (mac+PC).
Hulger communications products 'wear in not out'.

Meyer Wells Furniture. Seattle.

Seth Meyer+ John Wells=Meyer Wells.
Fallen tree's in urban areas of Seattle are salvaged and used as materials. Together, Meyer Wells and their sister company, City Tree Salvage, reclaims hundreds of logs from the Seattle area-transforming them into furniture.
Using locally salvaged hardwoods keeps useful materials out of landfills+fewer trees will be removed from nature.
They recycle any wood waste/sawdust.
The furniture is finished with low-VOC, zero-VOC, or 100% botanical finishes. Items are shipped in blankets, so no plastic packaging is used/wasted.
They take back any products that are no longer used/ needed, at no cost, to be recycled or reused.


Sophie Hulme. London.


Corine Vermeulen-Smith. Denmark.

The Parking Lot. Detroit.


Rootmaster. London.

Rootmaster is name of the iconic double-decker bus used in the UK between 1956-2005. This particular Rootmaster bus was converted into a vegan, enviro-friendly restaurant:
Our aim at the Rootmaster Bustaurant is to promote healthy living and respect for the environment. We want to show our customers that it is possible to enjoy and have fun with food and wine while living in harmony with the planet.
The resto re-uses or recycles everything possible, their takeaway dinnerware is made from biodegradable materials, and inside they serve food/drink on non-disposable dinnerware.
Situated in Elys Yard off Brick Lane.


Unicorn Boutique. Montreal.

My girl Amélie just opened Unicorn Boutique, a beautiful clothing shop in Montreal. They carry brands like Rittenhouse, Dace, Wesc + superb handpicked vintage pieces... like the sweet pair of hand-made brazilian shoes I bought:

Go take a peek!
5135 St. Laurent (right above Laurier)
Montreal, QC
(514) 544- 2828

I Heart Martha Stewart.(Seriously).

Woodland Cakes: Chocolate Faux Bois.
A wood-graining tool creates the white chocolate markings on bittersweet chocolate panels; they're then pressed into the chocolate ganache that envelopes the cake.

Hope Gangloff. New York.

Acrylic on canvas.


Feiyue Shoes. China.

Er Dang Jia in heather jersey.
Feiyue shoe company started in Shanghai during the '20s. Worn by the national soccer Team and famous Shaolin masters- Feiyue means flying forward. In 2005-06 Patrice Bastian+Charles Munka got involved, creating Feiyue collections and bringing the shoes to The West.

Karen Walker. Spring 09.

Charles Krafft. Seattle.