VOTE with your gum.

Who Sucks The Most?
Gum Election= guerilla art project that started in NYC this month. Its aim is to encourage people to vote (on Nov 4th) + and also to put their chewing gum somewhere other than on the sidewalk.


Hayden Menzies. The Emporium.

Opening Thurs Nov 6th- 7-11pm. Until Nov 7th-9th. 12-6pm.
3035 St. Antoine O. Studio #74


Rake Clothing. Australia.

Alex Lukas. Massachusetts. Pt. 1

Springsteen (The Boss) No surrender.

cantabpublishing.com Zines+Prints.

Alex Lukas. Pt. 2

Ink, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, enamel, silkscreen, spray paint, paper.

Molly Springfield. Washington.

Drawings of Photocopied Books. Rendered graphite drawings.


Nikki McClure. Artist. Activist. Washington.

Paper cuts. Images are cut from a single piece of paper using an x-acto knife.
Look at more here.


Sperry Topsider. Chukkas.



Pattington Bear. British icon.

Paddington has such classic style... he's a personal fashion inspiration ;)

Paddington Bear is a character from a book series for children written by Michael Bond + illustrated by Peggy Fortnum in the 1950s-70s. There was also a great BBC TV series called Paddington produced by Michael Bond.

Jack Dylan. Illustrator. Montreal.

Stephane Dion. The Man. Liberal.

Stephen Harper. The SOB. Conservative.

Pop Montreal 2008 Posters.
Jack Dylan's take on THE Obama poster by Shepard Fairey.
There isn't a real 'political agenda' behind these as Jack made a poster for each party leader (except for the great Elizabeth May). We had our elections 2 weeks ago here in Canadia... it was a flop... Harper/Conservatives won (only a minority at least). Fingers + toes crossed for better luck in the upcoming US elections!