Kei Imazu. Painter. Japan.

oil on canvas.
World Swing.
Mega trippy.


Shawn William Creeden. Artist. Portland.


Ink+watercolor on paper.

If I Weren't Here, They Would Be series.

Trovata. Fashion design. California.

Ok so I shit the bed on Trovata's spring 09 collection... better late than never.

Fall 2009.

Trovata's story: During their senior year of college in 2002, friends Jeff Halmos, John Whitledge, Sam Shipley, and Josia Lamberto-Egan launched their first Trovata collection, only men’s wear. They made their NY runway debut 3 years later, introducing women’s apparel as well. That same year, Lamberto-Egan left the label and Shipley and Halmos departed to forge their own label. Since then, Whitledge has carried the label solo, and done a damn good job of it.

que c'est beau.

Copenhagen. Fashion Week. Facehunter. She knows she's got it.

Leighton Meester. Harper's Bazaar. Sept 09. Look good look.

Yigal Azrouël. Fashion Designer. Style.com Yes sir-y bob.

Swedish belle. stockholmstreetstyle.feber.se mega girlcrush.

Joni Sternbach. Photographer. NY.

SurfLand. text by Phillip Prodger.
Photos of surfers in Montauk + California.

Love large format.

FAIL blog = LOL

friggin hilarious.