Milton Rogovin. Photographer of the 'Forgotten Ones'.

Milton Rogovin, Social Documentary Photographer+teacher. NYC. 98 years of age. Milton took photos of 'working people' all over: the Appelachia, NY, Cuba, China, Mexico, and he continues to work as an activist for workers rights with his wife Anne Rogovin. These photos are a mix from his different photo series throughout the 1960s-80s. http://www.miltonrogovin.com.

This is the man himself.
I adore.



Jonathan Sabine.

AGE (Adrian McInnes)

Organic cotton.
Made in Vancouver.

Ram Dass.

Be Here Now Book. 1971. Next level.

Oh my goodness gracious.

333 Footwear. LA.


Flavour Design. Antique claw-foot cast iron bath converted into a love seat, each one is unique. I get real excited whenever I see a vintage claw-foot bath in somebody's home, always magnificent.

The bath boat by Wieki Somers. Netherlands. Oak and red ceder wood.
Genius. For those with massive bathrooms.

Twigs and Heather. New England.

Tudor Beach Maple Seed. Cast in Sterling Silver from the actual organic seed.


Sally ann, you spoil me rotten.

Being that I'm a MAJOR tea fiend, I always got a mug on the go. I get excited about mugs. These pretty mugs were 99 cents each...what a steal.
(Hands down the most times I've written the word "mug" in one sitting)


Watch Enthusiasm.

I've been into watches since I was a littlan but only started collecting em in recent years. If your a watch nerd like me check out this amazing site and cream your pants: http://www.pocketcalculatorshow.com/nerdwatch/

DB Fletcher. UK.

The magical expanding table aka the Fletcher Capstan Table. Wowsa!