Paul Fusco: RFK Funeral Train.

Cibachrome prints. 1968.

Photographer Paul Fusco followed the body of Robert F. Kennedy as it traveled by train from NYC to its final resting place near Washington D.C. The coffin was placed in the last of 22 cars and elevated so that everyone could see it through large observation windows. Fusco was interested in capturing the looks of the track-side mourners who waited and watched to see...

Now showing at M+B Gallery. LA.


Translucent cardboard surfboard. Mike Sheldrake.

Sheldrake, surfer and former web programmer, used basic 3d modelling software for this design. Each cardboard slat is cut by a computer controlled router (saw) and are then snapped together to form the boards shapes. For water resistance the board is covered in fiberglass as usual. Mike is still experimenting with materials to eventually make the board lighter before putting it into manufacture. Also, resin apoxy was used for the original model but Sheldrake will adopt a Bio-Resin when it becomes available!
This is a seriously radical DIY project. I love how simple it is. A much more eco-friendly surfboard + beautiful work of art.


Richard Prince. Photographer. Painter. Badass. NY.

These images are classic. Some were used originally for the Marlboro ads of the 80s. I enjoy anything horses and/or cowboys related...beautiful creatures.


Oliver Munday. Baltimore.

...keep re-visiting this... brilliant.



True Old-School Watches.

WWI Half Hunter telephone dial. By Buren.

Flip-up griller black dial. By Rands.

Unicorn silver 1917 Half Hunter flip-front. By Rolex.