Müvbox. Container Restaurant. Montréal.

Location: Quai des Éclusiers, Old Port of Montréal. Re-opening spring 2010.

Daniel Noiseux is the man behind Mubox... a successful restaurateur with a background in architecture and graphic design. The business is positioned to sell self contained restaurant units made to order to the prospective restaurateur/operator's gourmet menu offering. The "ready to ship" Muvboxes are easily transportable by rail, road or sea. The Muvbox has incorporated solar powered batteries, recyclable materials, and biodegradable packaging for customers. The notion of offering a sustainable restaurant solution to operators, coupled with healthy culinary menus, contribute to Noiseux’s ultimate mission: TO DELIVER A FUN EATING ENVIRONMENT THAT RESIDES COMPLETELY ‘OFF THE GRID’. Amen.


Giles & Brother. Jewelry. NYC.



earings and a ring.

(Philip Crangi himself.)

Giles & Brother is designed by brother-and-sister team Philip and Courtney Crangi. I want it all.


I heart Herb & Dorothy.

Directed+Produced by Megumi Sasaki.

Too hot for TV.

I dig the makeup-art and styling in Beyoncé's Phone Video music vid...

AirMail + MacBook = good combo


ShuffleArt = the makers of the vinyl stickers used to decorate iPods. They recently created Koobniks: Soft vinyl film that protects the exterior of Mac laptops.

REcreate. Recycled Furniture. Cape Town.

The Suitcase Chair. A-MAZE.

Recreate was started by Katie Thompson in 2009.

Need Supply Co. Virginia.

Need Supply Co. is a women+men's wear boutique and online shop. "We started in 1996, selling a unique collection of vintage Levi’s. And over the past decade our selection has evolved from an eclectic mix of hard-to-find vintage apparel to a well-edited selection of premium street wear and contemporary brands with a focus on denim." -Need Supply Co.
A well edited selection indeed!
needsupply.com + needsupply.com/blog