Steve Jobs. Creative. Entrepreneur. Rad dude. American. 1955– 2011.

fantastically inspiring speech... all too relevant today.




Megan Whitmarsh embroidery. LA.

Embroidered School Supplies. "Oscar the Grouch meets Claes Oldenburg".
Making replicas of things feels akin to play, which is perhaps why many artists undertake it. When I was a kid I took a ceramics class and for my “freestyle” project I made a taco. I recall being proud of it and using burlap to make the texture of the tortilla. I forgot about it until I was asked to be in the Early Show at Gavin Brown’s and my mom sent me a box of my childhood art. I was in the process of making a 6-foot pile of handmade trash and one of the pieces I had just made was a fabric taco. I had recognized the redundancy of themes in my work prior to that but it was funny to have it spelled out so clearly: my adult work barely evolved from this object, echoing the redundant influences and themes of both youth and maturity.
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