Kaoru Usukubo. Artist. Japan.

oil on canvas.

Band of Outsiders. S/S 2012.

David Lavallée's: White Water, Black Gold. Alberta.

Director David Lavallee began climbing and ski mountaineering in the Canadian Rockies over 20 years ago, and has been an avid mountain lover ever since. In 2006, David became a climate change activist and conservationist. He succeeded in creating an environmental stewardship committee for the ACMG. When David worked as a hiking guide in the Columbia Icefields, he saw profound changes to the mountain landscape as Alberta ramped up growth in the extremely water-intensive industry downstream. For three years he travelled across Western Canada to find out more about the Tar Sands environmental destruction. He says, “Most people do not know that the Tar Sands’ impacts actually span half the country. By watching this film they will see what we are consenting to by allowing this industry to go on unchecked.”


Matt Taylor. Part 2. London.

pure radness.
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