Witold Riedel. Photographer. NY.

The Bear.
Something about this series makes me tear up... also reminds me of the traveling gnome in Amelie Poulin...

Lise Sarfati. Photographer. Paris.

Barack Obama's Flickr. Actually.

Obama + family watching the election go down on TV.
I can only imagine the energy in that room... and I thought I was nervous on election night... Having immediate access to 'behind the scenes' photos likes these is what makes inventions like 'Flickr' so awesome.

Katie Kirk. Illustrator. Minneapolis.


Morning Breath. Brooklyn.

Molotov 2. Created for Upper Playground.
Morning Breath= Jason Noto+Doug Cunningham. Illustrators.
A new take on the classic 'Polo' symbol (about British aristocracy). This interpretation is of a revolutionary polo player throwing a Molov cocktail- another classic symbol (about guerilla warfare by civilians against political/military-state powers).


Social Advertising. The best kind.

"If you give up, they give up. Stop Global Warming".

"Bureaucracy kills nature. Law requires that the Atlantic Forest is not only on paper". Fantastic music/sound effects!