Vanishing Elephant. Menswear. Sydney.

Vanishing Elephant is designed by Felix Chan, Huw Bennett and Arran Russell. The Aussie's always get it right.

Fight For Your Right.


Mango Sticky Rice. Khao Neaw Ma-Muang.

Mango sticky rice is a Thai staple that can be found in any Thai-style restaurant or even on the street-served in a banana leaf if you're lucky. It's a genius dish, simple yet complex: the cool, fresh, sweet and tangy mango, with the comforting, carb-y, sticky rice... an elevated/Thai version of rice pudding-with mango taking it to the next level. I tried this Thai snack all over the country, but found THE BEST mango sticky rice at May Kaidee's Vegetarian in Bangkok (also one in Chiang Mai). They serve a beautiful red (aka black) rice, with fresh coconut meat strips, coconut milk, and a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds - making for a totally well balanced bite.

Adam Batchelor. Illustrator. Genius. UK.

pencil on paper.
Be mine Adam Batchelor.