Copenhagenization is a concept in urban planning+design related to the Copenhagen's bike-friendly infrastrature/culture.

Copenhagenize is a blog that discusses news related to bike culture in Denmark. They recently did a piece on Baisikeli, a Danish bike charity program. This is how it works:

When a bike gets stolen/lost in Denmark the owner gets compensation from their insurance company. If the bike is later retrieved, the insurance company owns/keeps the bike. The companies usually scrap these bikes BUT Baisikeli made an arranged with several Danish insurance companies so that they get the bikes instead. These bikes are shipped to bicycle workshops in Africa where they are repaired by local mechanics and sold to local distributors-who sell them to the local population. Baisikeli has projects in Ghana, Sierra Leone and Tanzania. In Ghana, bikes were given to children in outlying areas so they can get to school. Bikes are also converted into work bikes for carrying water, food, and firewood (in photo above). Niels Bonefeld and Henrik Smedegaard Mortensen are the creaters/developers of this project. To get financing they rented some of the scrapped bikes to tourists+leased them to foreign students and companies in Denmark. The bikes used for renting are repaired by The Copenhagen Recycling Company (KGC) who hire unemployed Danish citizens and train them to fix bikes-giving them a trade. $$ made from rentals is used to ship containers filled with Danish bikes to Africa.
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Design e2. PBS Podcast.

This fantastic series explores sustainable design in all its facets.


Ed van der Elsken. Amsterdam.

Ed van der Elsken. Photographer. Filmmaker.1925-1990.
Amsterdam. Original Facehunter.


Jeanne Mischo.

Heist gallery. NYC.


Love Pamela Love.


The Emporium. Alex Snelgrove.

Come see the show:
3035 St. Antoine Ouest, studio #74. Montreal.

Amy Hunting. London.

Built out of wood waste and off-cuts.

A solid wood block is cut away to produce 12 lamps, using up all the wood.


The Office.

Virginia Woolf.

Rudyard Kipling.

George Bernard Shaw.

Charles Darwin.

Michael Frayn.

Margaret Forster.

The Guardian UK special report Writers' Rooms. Wonderfully interesting idea.


Easy Chair. Jerszy Seymour.

Lord Yo. Philippe Starck

Heller Arcobellini. Mario Bellini

Magis Air Armchair. Jasper Morrison

Bartoli design. Segis.

Lotte van Laatum. Netherlands.

Design Guide episode 60.
The chopping boards are my fave.


1/1: Art of Football show.

On the Terrace. Ben Caucasus

Neighbours. Hediaral
SHOWstudio+NIKE challenged artists all over the world to create work inspired by the game of football (soccer).
11 finalists were selected to exhibit their work at Art Basel 08.
These guys didnt make the cut but I love the photos just the same.

Keith Barry. The Art of Magic.

I recently posted about a book on Psychic Senses. This is Psychic Senses pt.2.

In the Spirit of Batman.

I love the movie Ghost World. Directed by Terry Zwigoff (Art School Confidential, Crumb). Do yourself the solid and see it if you haven't yet. Steve Buscemi and Scarlett Johansson are in it so there's something for everyone. R.I.P Brad Renfro.

Marco Bohr. German in London.

No Ball Game Series. 2002.
"The housing estate is a British phenomenon that lacks a comparison with any other type of subsidized housing in North America. It is a defined space usually strategically located some distance from the city centers, transforming the space into a geographical but also cultural cul-de-sac (...) architecturally fascinating but also disturbing environment around Edinburgh/Scotland (...) children are the ones who create life on these streets and therefore they are also giving the estate a face one can study and interpret". Marco Bohr.

p.s the red-headed boy smoking looks like the kid on Coronation Street!