Charming Baker. Artist. London.

Duck Teddy Duck.

Falling Boy (The Descent Into Mediocrity).

The Overachievers.

Beware Trying To Impress Members Of Opposite Sex.

Portrait of Estelle Carla Ann.

Love Paves Its Way To Decay.

Intelligence Is No Match For Adaptability.

Try Not To Always Think The Worst.

Forms That Don’t Lend Themselves To Intimacy.

Fin's gun.

Self Portrait.

oil, paper, linen, wood.
The titles of these works are just as wonderful as the paintings themselves.

Kouji Iwasaki. Suck UK.

Wooden LED Clock. A real beaut.
Laminated wood with built in illuminated digital clock. The thin layer of maple veneer allows the LED clock face to shine through.
Previous post on Suck UK here.

Pategonia + friends.

Geoff McFetridge. Live and work passionately.

Jeremy Collins.

Jason Stowell.

James Prosek. Protect+preserve stream-born steelhead trout.
100% organic cotton T's.

Flood The Valley. Art crew. Brighton.

silkscreen prints.

Dolce Bake Shop. Malaysia.

Paddington Bear cupcake. Including jar of marmalade, passport+luggage.
See more here and here.

Rockett St. George. UK.

Paper Bin like crumpled paper. Brilliant.

City Line Porcelain Cups.

Thomas Paul Melamine Russian Doll Plates.

Drink Me Mug. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Lucy Brown's Ceramic Slip Light. Lampshade made of fabrics dipped into a porcelain slip and then layered. During firing the fabric burns away leaving just the porcelain... gnarly.

(Awesome) british design shopping site.


Komplot Design. Denmark.

Gubi Chair.

Komplot = Poul Christiansen. Architect + Boris Berlin (best name ever). Industrial/graphic designer.

"We Believe that design is an intermediate body - a link that appears into existence in the tension of no mans land: Tension between art and engineering, between manufacturer and consumer/user, between different cultures, between tradition and innovation, rationality and intuition, logic and emotion(...) We believe that good design is not just a solution of the primary so called pure functional problems, but creation of the message, that fills objects and concepts with cultural, philosophic, aesthetic and poetic content...". Amen.

Peter Kennard+Cat Picton Phillips. London.

Photomontage. Pigment ink print on cotton rag paper.
Kennard+Phillipps have been working together since the invasion of Iraq to make work that expresses the devastation of war.

One Eco Home. London.

Designer Richard Whawell. 100% reused oak off-cuts from railway sleepers+canal locks in the UK.

Designer Sergio Fahrer. SC certified pau ferro wood from Brazil.

Designer Etel Carmona. Dead/fallen wood from Brazil’s Amazon+Mata Atlantica rainforests. Carved by local people.

One Eco Home= Helen Mudie (Interior designer) +Kate Millbank (Sustainable design consultant) oneecohome.co.uk

Peter Blake. British Pop Art Icon.

Peter Blake was on the forefront of the pop art scene in the 1950s-60s producing collage, sculpture, engraving, printmaking and commercial art in the form of graphics + album covers... well known for his work on The Beatles' Sgt Pepper's album in '67 (which he originally earned only £200 for)... he is still making wonderful art today.

Holy mother of god.

Bernardo Sahara Boots. Each pair is sweeter than the next.

Susan Gibbs (is my hero). Shepherd.

MV knits. Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm. Handmade Portraits. Etsy.
Susan's Etsy page.


Sarah Maple (is rad). Sussex.

Oil+acrylic on board+canvas.