Julie Fragar. Artist. Australia.

Oil on Board.

Wil Wong. Artist. Toronto.

I had the pleasure of seeing Wil Wong's work at the Queen West Art Crawl Art Show this weekend. I love his imagery and depiction of coffee life around T.O. He has literally painted every single 'indy' cafe in the city... radical.

Alex Roulette. Artist. Pt 3. NY.

See previous post on Alex here and here.


Jon Rafman's Google Street Views.

(installation shot.)
"Calling into questions of authorship, ownership, traditional documentary practice and photography’s increasingly immaterial existence, Rafman’s project hits all of the critical hot spots in the discussion of contemporary photographic practice (...) Moreover, in an age when immaterial or web based work so often falls short in the transition to the material world, Rafman’s work add to the experience of the work by removing the Google content from its expected milieu and forcing the viewer’s reconsideration of contemporary public space in the digital age." -thephotographypost
Jon Rafman is a fellow Montrealer, he's produced a shitload of radical artwork which you can see here: jonrafman.com His project googlestreetviews has received notable recognition from NPR, Wired, Harpers, Design Boom, Fader etc. You can cop his book, 16 Google Street Views, at shopgoldenage.com