Metro Map Collection.

(I flipped over this map when I saw it in Copenhagen... took lots of copies for keeps... a real stunner.)

Meryl Smith. Artist. Tastemaker. NYC.

Interfacing, dry tea, thread. Top photo by Todd Selby.


Royal Art Lodge.

(RAL never goes stale...re-visiting the work always gives me a boost...)

Veronica Soto. NY.

Prayer candles. Qassa.com.

Adam Haynes. Portland.

acrylic+ink on plywood.

acrylic+ink on kitchen cabinet.


HAND Drawn Map Association. HDMA.

I too am a map maker... out of necessity... my mantra is WWGMD (what would google map do?)


Mareike Aurer.Austria.

The Actus Reus. Tamara Kostianovsky.

Made from discarded clothes, embroidery floss, meat hooks, polyester batting, chains, curtains, ink.

The actus reus-aka the external elements of a crime-Latin for the "guilty act" which in combination with the the "guilty mind" produces criminal liability in common law-based criminal law jurisdictions.

Tamara was born in Israel, raised in Argentina, now lives in Brooklyn.

Tat Artist Nick Baxter.