A bit silly...but it's the whole truth...worth watching the whole thing: http://www.storyofstuff.com/


Reading palms.

My homie Mike Chui.


I love those palm tats.

Stephen Wiltshire. Brilliant artist.

New take on the thermos.

Double walled porcelain cup with silicone top= Safe/healthy/no carcinogenic release.
Reusable= Environmentally friendly.
About $20 a piece. dci product (U.S).


The Mask Behind the Mask.

I'm reading this book on Peter Sellers by Peter Evans. As is usually the case with comedians, Sellers seemed quite sad and troubled, yet fascinating. The Pink panther movies are favorites of mine. As a kid, nobody made me laugh like Inspector Clouseau did.

Nói albínói. Dagur Kári.

I'd been eyeing this Icelandic film since it came out in 03 but only chose to rent it last night. It was one of the greatest, most visually beautiful movies I've seen. The cinematography (Rasmus Videbæk) was insane. I highly recommend seeing it if you haven't already.Dagur Kari is not only the writer and director but he also composed the score.