A factory in Brooklyn. Style Ledger.

Directed by Matthew Edginton. Hosted by Brett Fahlgren. Produced by Style Ledger. January 2012.
Style Ledger takes a look at American manufacturing, with a focus on the Martin Greenfield factory. "Quality with intrinsic value will always keep you in business (...)I believe with my whole haeart that I dont have the advertise anything just make beautiful clothing because the minute I dress you up, and you go meet your first friend for lunch, the first thing he'll ask you is 'where did you get this stupid suit it looks so nice', and he'll want to come here."
The shmata business lives on in Brooklyn.

Michaël Borremans. Artist. Belgium.



HAYDANHUYA. Wood Accessories. Istanbul.

Wood bags.
Solid lime wood. Hand made by carving and sanding.

Solid linden wood. iphone 4 case.

Handsome Clothing. Toronto.


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