La Haine. Film. France. 1995.

La Haine was written and directed by Mathieu Kassovitz (Nino in Amelie-greatest movie ever)... it's kinda the Parisian version of the "90's ghetto/gangster style" flick we know from American classics like Boyz in the Hood... except this one has SLIGHTLY better quality cinamatography, more intelligent plot and dialogue being a European flick and all... you may recognize the now famous French actor Vincent Cassel (Eastern Promises) who plays the main character 'Vinz', the other actors are 'unknowns'.

Raquel Ormella. Artist. Activist. Sydney.

plastic bags.

double-sided banners, sewn wool and felt.

HUF + Patta Collabo.

In celebration of Patta's 5th year anniversary they collaborated with HUF to create these rad pieces.


Inside Facebook’s New Office. California.

Designed by studio O+A who interviewed fbook employees to see what they wanted... and employees collaborated with the designers throughout the entire process. I would have opted for better lighting but hey at least free gourmet meals, snacks, and drinks are provided in mini-kitchens located throughout the building.

Jamie Boys. Artist. Melbourne.

Acrylic & Lumocolor on canvas.Jamie Boys. Artist. Melbourne