God Went Surfing With The Devil.

A stunning blog by skater Alex Klein and photographer Bryan Derballa documenting their trip to the Middle East. They approach the Isreal/Palestine issue through their surfing excursions with kids living on both sides. I was surprised to learn that people are surfing in Gaza!? (as it's a deadly war zone)...the photos show how surfing brings the kid joy+escape from their brutal environment. Alex writes about what was happening at the time of each photo...a vivid look into life in the Middle East right now. The plan is to make a film out of their video footage-I can't wait!


Greg Colson. LA.

Domestic duties.

'How to Look Your Best' Survey.

Qualms About the Web.

The Musical Instruments American Play.

Activities While Driving.

enamel/oil/acrylic/graphite on wood
There is something so satisfying about maps-n-pie charts. I've been trying to make some of my own but they always get out of control with too much info... I truly appreciate the simplicity of these retro-ish diagrams.

These photos are clippings from the Montreal Mirror I cut a few years back, but like an idiot I didn't keep the artist's name! I've searched for this photographer for ages but no such luck... I still wonder who this homeless looking guy is... was he really homeless... if so did he make these posters himself? maybe he IS the artist... I like to think he's the artists muse, a homeless dude who was down to play along... to make a few statements.


Kitchen Commandments. Simple rules for a happy+harmonious domestic life.
Fair-trade organic cotton. Screen printed with water based inks.
Emma Henderson. Scotland.


Chase Deforest Furniture. Colorado.

Vintage waterskis.


Patagonia. of course.

White Aphrodisiac Telephone. 1936.

Salvador Dali. Spain.
Plastic/painted plaster/mixed media.
Now at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao as part of the Surreal Things show.


Colleen Baran. Vancouver.

... wouldn't wear this particular one myself but I was jazzed to learn (on Colleen's blog) that more rings with different phrases are on the way!


Hugh Holland. Photographer.

California. 1970s.

Christa Palazzolo. NYC.





Oil on canvas.

Li Wei. Artist. Acrobat. China.

Performance art+photography.
Metal cords and strings, scaffolding are used to achieve these amazing photos.
Li Wei is an illusionist... with serious balls.


The Trub.

By Gfeller. Rosewood. Swiss design from the '70s.
This phone is cream your pants hot.

Kiel Mead. Brooklyn.

Sterling Silver with 14k Gold Plate.

Sterling Silver.
Retainer necklace.

Blu. artist.

Animation painted on public walls in Buenos Aires and Baden.


Muntean/Rosenblum. art collective/couple.

The messages written at the bottom of the paintings is the icing on the cake...

"The day ended suddenly, leaving the senses of its shortness, leaving us grieved by a feeling that we couldn't place".

"We should have died for something by now. We know that, but we breathe the moist air and feel oddly free to do as we please, free in a world without freedom".

Markus Muntean and Adi Rosenblum. Based in Vienna.
I was super excited to see one of their paintings at The Armory show this year (sorry for my crappy photo)