'Peter Max style'.

Psychedelic trip of a Pepsi ad! notice the Blackface-like images in the mix, plus the junk-food signs for everything under the sun to make you thirsty for some pepsi, total madness, but graphically quite a stunner.

Whitest Boy Alive. Geoff McFetridge.

song: Golden Cage
I love this collaboration. Whitest Boy Alive is a band based in Berlin. Geoff McFetridge is a graphic designer, animator/film maker, overall artist and taste maker. He also designed the band's website (with a similar aesthetic as the video).


Huang Yan. China.

Chinese Landscape Face. 2005.
SOOOOOooooo sick.



Joe Johnson and Jeanju Choi-Johnson.

(stolen inspiration from refinery29.com)


Ryan Frank.

Strata. Used chipboard and birch ply scraps. South African born Ryan Frank uses sustainable and/or recycled materials for his designs. He works out of London.

Victoria Mason. Jewelry.


The chills.

JR is a Parisian photographer.
Check his other projects and videos here (a rad website) http://www.jr-art.net/


My brand new secondhand gramophone pencil sharpener.

Salvation Army. A pretty AND functional trinket!