Takuya Hoshiko. Designer. Japan.

+D Collection.

War Photographer. 2001.

War Photographer is a documentary and tribute to American photographer James Nachtwey.
Swiss author, director and producer Christian Frei filmed James for two years through the conflicts in Indonesia, Kosovo, and Palestine. Frei attached micro-cameras to James's camera, giving the viewer a first person experience.
A thoughtful and visually beautiful film... a real eye-opener on the ethics of war-photography. Watch this important movie... even if it takes a couple sittings...

Mike Chavez a.k.a MIGS. Australia.

A fistful of pesos. 2008.
Screenprint, acrylic, spray paint.
Mike's work reflects on issues such as racism and parochialism in connection with Australian culture. A former animator at Disney, Warner Bro's + Dreamworks, Mike is now an independent artist working for his damn self.
see more here.


It's a hard knock life.

Annie. 1982. On my top 10 movies list fo sho.

Hard knock life. 1998. One of the best Jay-z songs/videos.

Only the Jigga man himself could remix a classic Annie tune and turn it into 'the ghetto anthem'.

Geoff McFetridge. Pottock Prints.

The Montalban theater in Hollywood. Redonculous... I flippin love it.


Lego Cutlery.

sold by Urban Outfitters.

Fiona Aboud. Photographer. NYC.

Sikhs in America.
Big fan of Fiona's portrait photography... especially her recent Amputee Soccer Players series- check it here.
Sikhs in America Blog

The Atlantic Project. Think Again.

The Atlantic Monthly=literary and cultural commentary mag. Started in Boston, based in Washington. The Atlantic created the Think Again Project devoted to ASKing questions so that we can collectively arrive at better answers... visit the blog and join the discussion. ThinkAgainBlog.
Think Again Project. (amazing website)
The Atlantic.


Throwback Video.


Frantisek Staud. Czech Republic.

I adore Kenyan tribal steeze... the jewelry... bright colors... shaved heads... makes jeans-n-T's look real dry.


Cornelia Hesse-Honegger. Switzerland.

Cornelia Hesse-Honegger was a Swiss scientific illustrator and artist. She studied mutated insects found near Chernobyl and nuclear power plants all over the world. She worked at the University of Zurich, drawing deformed insects she collected in the field, and later, painting them for her own interest. These watercolors are now exhibited internationally at museums+galleries. Some of her published work received criticism from the Swiss scientific community, as many were in denial about the severe and devastating effects of radiation on living things. This adversity only propelled Cornelia to learn more about the effects of radiation on the health of insects. Cornelia showed her work in order to educate the public on the issues of nuclear power/radiation.

Our Legacy. Sweden.


The Tomorrow(s). NFB. Montreal.

Gabriel Allard Gagnon, André Péloquin, Guillaume Marin. 2008. This short experimental film shows musician Matt Fuzz riding his bike around Montreal-along to the radical 'Game Boy' sounding music he created. I saw this film last year at Pop Montreal-in association with the Making Music 2007 emerging filmmaker initiative.
Check Matt's "Fatman Scoop remix" of this tune... totally bananas. mattfuzzmyspace


Jon Huck. Photographer. LA.

I could look at these for hours...
What do you eat for breakfast?