Telling Their Stories. Hurricane Katrina.

When photographers converged on the convention center in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, a survivor cried out, "Thank God, the press is here.” Her words expressed a sentiment that characterizes the storytelling and relationships between the people of the Gulf Coast and the media that developed in the months that followed. On Thursday, August 19 2010, an exhibit of Katrina imagery opened at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans coinciding with the 5-year anniversary of the disaster. The exhibit, and a program of workshops and seminars explore the past, present and future of visual storytelling of Gulf Coast disasters.

Capone-N-Noreaga. LA LA.

Kuwait Mix By Marley Marl.



Working Class. Documentary Film. Trailer.

can't wait to see the full flick!

Oyster Mag. Julia Nobis. Issue 88.

Photography: Rene Vaile Fashion: Imogene Barron Model: Julia Nobis
Loving Julia Nobis these days... the 18 year old Aussie gal came out strong for the NY shows last season and has been doing ad campaigns/covers ever since.
Oyster is Australia’s longest running independent fashion magazine.


Steve McCurry. Photojournalist. Traveler. NY.

Steve McCurry is the man behind the iconic photo of the Afghan refugee girl with piercing green eyes. Beyond that image, McCurry has shot over a million photos spanning his 35 year career. Steve has documented the beauty and horrors of life... his images have shed light on global issues, bringing awareness to the world. Steve McCurry is a personal hero.
see previous post on Steve here.