This soap is handmade by a fair-trade collective in Taybeh (between Jerusalem and Jericho).
Totally natural olive oil soap no color or chemical additives+full of vitamins.
Palestinian Peace Awareness Inc. is a non-profit organization that supports Palestinian olive tree farmers by facilitating the sales of this olive oil soap+pure oil. All proceeds go directly to the Palestinian farmers+community. I help sell/promote these products to invite discussion+bring awareness to the situation in Palestine.

Valero Doval. Artist. Illustrator. London.



Salvation Army. $1. This bad boy plays notes when you dial the keys.
This particular Sally Ann looked like it'd been hit by a hurricane... stuff was piled up everywhere..... there was NO method to the madness, I was surprised how calm and collected the employees were... Good times.

Mug and Owl.

Found at a church bizarre in the country for $1.
I love anything+everything 'owl'. They are unusually symetrical looking birds aren't they?... owl was my 2nd word ever spoken- cause I had a stuffed animal/owl named Owl (genius) that never left my side... my 1st word spoken was moon (quite the coincidence)... my parents are hippies which is why these words were considered meaningful...


Fuldesign. Stockholm.

Handmade embroidery wall hangings.
"Humor is our weapon against boring design. We want to have fun while creating and above all we want our design to be more fun than pretentious".

Olivier Laude. Born France. Lives San Fran.

I generally dislike this kind of photographic style- planned, manipulated, shiny, fantasy aesthetic...but I enjoy these unique and beautiful images... mostly because of the model-who looks like my idea of a nomadic child-molester from the southern states. You know that feeling when you wake up from a weird dream and cant decide whether it was a good or bad dream...thats how these photos make me feel.

Geordie Wood. Photographer. NY.




Kate Copeland. Illustrator. UK.

Presidental Sleepover.

World Leaders.

Top bomb.

Lawn chair for special occasions.

Blu Dot Design. 2007.
Wood slats, Powder coated steel.



This video is the premise of Charles Leadbeaters new book We Think-The Power of Mass Creativity... because Charles walks his talk, he's made the book available for free online here:http://www.wethinkthebook.net/home.aspx
Here's Charles on TED:

The One. The Only. PES.

Clay Shirky. 2005 talk.

I often think about the internet, how crazily bizaar and magnificant it can be, how dependent much of the world has become on it... how incredibly fast we've latched onto the new social, wireless, networks and integrated them so intuitively into our lives... it's all quite overwhelming for my small brain but Clay Shirky definitely makes things a little more clear...
what do you think?

Nature. Nike.

Released: July 2008
Brand: Nike Lab
Agency: Weiden & Kennedy Tokyo (W+K)


Addie Juell. California.

Stickers on blank white paper that are photographed by large format camera.

Kalpesh Lathigra. London.



Luca Desienna. Photographer. Italy.

A Romanian family living in rural Northern Transylvania.
They earn a living making charcoal to sell to Germany+Italy.

Sweet Tooth.

My tooth-shaped cake image collection... cause anything tooth shaped is gnarlified.