Tyvek Wallet.

This wallet is made from 25% post-consumer recycled Tyvek, a water and tear-resistant material often used as building insulator material. I adore all that is faux wood.

Psychic Senses.

published by Quest Books+The Theosophical Society in America. 1987.
...reading this right now, its changing my life... I also enjoy the cover art/font...

Sigur Rós. Ryan Mcginley.

Album cover art from Mcginley's most recent exhibit I know where the summer goes. Ryan's work was also the creative inspiration behind the bands new video Gobblddigook (directed by Arni and Kinski of the Glósóli+Viðrar vel til loftárása vids, cinematography by Christopher Doyle).

Elvis. Change of Habit. 1969.



Wu Chengwei. China.


She reminds me of the famous National Geographic Afghan girl shot by Steve McCurry. There is also a feeling of anxiety in her eyes...

simplified truth.


The house that Pieter built.

FARO architect firm. Netherlands. 207 sqm. Architect Pieter Weijnen built this as his own experimental wooden home.

Sustainable use of energy is the main concept:
Glass façade facing South lets in daylight and sun heat.
The air-conditioning is based on an ancient Arabian system where air from the house is pumped through underground tubes, once the air has cooled it's led back into the building.
A tank under the roof terrace collects rainwater-used for the washing machine+toilets.
Recycled materials were used- the large beams in the front are old docking poles, the copper cladding used was from the roof of a church.

Smart and stylish design.


Zhang Yong. China.

Tempera on wood boards.

Yong is one of the best in my books.
This is China.


Sidney Lo's Stylo.

What Are You Wearing Today? Video from Sidney Lo on Vimeo.

The Kills. 'Sup Magazine #18.

Radical photos... the music's ill too... I don't often get inspired by the look and/or sound of musicians these days, but I think these two are freakin' cool.


Legacy Ride.

Our Legacy is one of the sweetest fashion companies ever. The Scandinavian brand teamed up with England's classic Brooks Saddle and Leather Goods Company to create the Our Legacy fixed gear bike... Simple and gorgeous.