Paris je t'aime.


Elisabeth Lecourt. France.

Les Robes Geographiques.

Rag & Bone. Spring 09.


Grandpa Norman's Tailor shop.

My gramps was a tailor in England... found this photo of the family shop. Pure gold. Too bad dudes don't wear suits on the daily anymore... maybe if they did more indy tailor shops could stay open.


Pieter Hugo. Photographer. South Africa.

My favorite portrait series... ever.

Samuel Francois a.k.a Same. France.



Arthur Cohen. NYC.

oil on canvas. Now What?
Sunim is the Korean monk who trained Arthur, working with him to get into both physical and mental shape.
Now showing at Jack The Pelican Gallery. Brooklyn.


Sean M. Johnson. Sculptor.



Thank you.

Pong Watch. John Maushammer.

prototype. next level sht.


Dilallo Burger. Since 1929.

$1. Salvation Army Hochelaga.

There use to be a Dilallo Burger joint at the bottom of my street in NDG, the hood I grew up in. This mug was a real find as it reminds me of home+my childhood.
Dilallo also has a location in St.Henri, another familiar neighborhood in MTL.
The Dilallo sign is such a classic:

(google image)

Kim Abeles. Artist. Activist. LA.

Presidential Smog Plates.
"I place stencil images on transparent or opaque materials, then leave these on the roof of my studio and let the particulate matter in the heavy air fall upon them. When the stencil is removed, the images reveal themselves. To quote a stranger, they are "footprints of the sky". Since the worst in our air can't be seen, Smog Collectors are both literal and metaphoric depictions of the current conditions of our life source. They are reminders of our industrial decisions: the road we took that seemed so modern". Kim Abeles

Polaroid SX-70.

In production between '72-'77.

I want this baby bad-to add to my collection... one day... it will be mine.


Evolution of a cavity.


Roarockit Skateboard Company.

Roarockit Skate company has a deck-building school where kids learn how to construct their own deck+design/apply their own graphics. These stairs are located at the school. The company is run by couple Ted Hunter+Norah Jackson in Leeds England.


Bruno Pieters. Belgium.

Fall 2008. Ready-to-wear women's.

Fall 2008. Ready-to-wear men's.

(Minus the hair+makeup+footwear.)