Everyone Forever Now. Stoop Sitting.

By Will Hoffman & Daniel Mercadante. EVERYONE FOREVER NOW is an episodic motion-based media project-an examination of the collective wisdom and expression of human actions.
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Ajak Deng. Model. Sudanese. Melbourne.

Ajak Deng, age 20, was born in Sudan and fled to a Kenyan refugee camp with her parents and 7 siblings in 2003 after civil unrest erupted. During that time her mother passed away from malaria and she became the mother to her six month old sister. In 2005 her family was given the opportunity to move to Australia. Ajak quickly began modeling, making her debut at the 2008 Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. Ajak was one of the breakout stars of the SS10 Paris shows, booking Chloe, Givenchy, Gaultier, and Lanvin. She is currently represented by Chic Management.

New York VS. Paris.

Paris Versus New York: A Tally of Two Cities.
By Vahram Muratyan. Cofounder of ViiiZ art direction + graphic design studio.

Levi's Presents: WE ARE ALL WORKERS.

Levi's presents a tribute to Braddock, PA. Directed by John Hillcoat.

Melodie McDaniel directed this piece inspired by the new pioneers of Braddock, PA.

By Aaron Rose, Levi's in partnership with IFC and Sundance Channel.

When the steel mills closed in Braddock, PA, they left behind a dwindling population living in near apocalyptic circumstances. Now, a new generation of urban pioneers has come with a mission- to create a new frontier from the ashes of the once vibrant town. A wonderful, important project... the quality of film, mood, sound/music, and portrait of a poor american town... reminds me of (the amazing) Gummo.Watch all the episodes here.


Brian Donnelly. Painter. Toronto.

oil on canvas.

check out Brian's show at Show&Tell Gallery in Toronto Nov 5th-28th.