Franz Gertsch. Painter. Switzerland.

Oil on canvas.

Woodcut print.

Insane in the membrane... hyper-realism at its best.

Willard Wigan. Micro-Sculptor. London.

Talk about ORIGINAL art... Willart is the OG of original.

American Beauty. Thomas Newman.

I heart this tune... LISTEN.

Joseph Smolinski. Artist. Connecticut.

graphite on paper.

Ink, watercolor + graphite on paper.

"There are things in nature that never cease to make me wonder. Living through developing societies, tragedies of war and natural disasters, trees continue to regulate our climate, improve our water quality and clean our air. The oldest and largest organisms on our planet survive a history longer than we can remember (...) Trees continue to permeate my work not only through their religious, political and personal histories, but also as means to question technology and the future of the natural world." -Joseph Smolinski.

Beautiful... heartbreaking... powerful work.


O Zhang. Photographer. Chinese. NYC.

The World is Yours (But Also Ours) series.
The title of this series comes from a speech made by Chairman Mao addressing the youth of China at the time of the Cultural Revolution. The kids are wearing American style T-shirts featuring "Chinglish" statements... the slogans at the bottom of the images are from Mao Zedong’s little red book + from speeches by former Chinese leaders. This series captures the identity crisis facing Chinese youth today + the conflicts in modern day Chinese culture... such as the communist legacy vs. recent rapid economic development... and traditional culture vs. Western pop culture.
I dig.