Phil Yamada. Vancouver.


Modernica. Fiberglass Stacking Chair.

Fiberglass is a recyclable material but it can only be re-made into more fiberglass products.
With the cost of raw materials increasing, people are starting to wake up to the fact that recycling is a necessity (financially and environmentally).
Recycled fiberglass is less expensive than creating it from scratch, it can be stronger, lighter and more durable. You probably see recycled fiberglass used for things like swimming pools, bathtubs, park benches, food court furniture, bus seats, recycling bins, public trash receptacles and boats.

Wooden Eyeglass Frames.



NEW bear mug.

By artist Taylor E. in 1979. Japan. (written on mug)
Wow I just realized how long it's been since i've bought a new 2nd hand mug- as I haven't posted anything on mugs in ages! I found this lil guy at a church bazaar downtown for $1. I don't quite know if these bears are engaged in G-rated or R-rated activity...

Chukka Del Barco. Vans Vault F/W 09.

Mid-cut boat-shoe inspired kick. Stunning.

Karl Grandin. Stockholm.

The Animal Sweater pattern. 180 animal shaped logos.
Knitted using computerized tech at the Nederlands Textielmuseum in Tilburg. The garment was cut + sewn by Dima Stefanova.

Street Style. Stockholm.

Anna Ahnborg.

Marc Johns. The man.

Older posts on Marc here AND here.

PJ Chmiel. Graph/web Designer. Kentucky.

Start a garden to grow your own food.
Catch, store, filter water/rainwater.
Learn a trade and invest in the necessary tools.
Insulate your home+use efficient appliances.
Adopt the use of natural remedies when needed (in absence of healthcare system)
Design/build/construct sustainably (use local, natural and recycled materials)
Ride a bike.
If you have a car, use veg fuel.


Cornelius Voelker. Germany.

oil on canvas. oil on paper.

Colette Calascione. Artist. SF.

oil on wood.
Surreal Classical/ true vintage pin-up girl style.
Calascione's work is inspired by the images of earlier eras (mostly Victorian)... she re-creates the women+scenes portrayed in old photos/paintings into more contemporary ones-interpretting them through the lens of the young, modern woman she is. While I rarely blog about 'classic art' I love it all the same... my appreciation for the older art styles (14th-19th century) grew when I had the opportunity to see lots of the work in Europe... this kind of intricate painting just doesn't have the same effect when viewing it on a computer screen/slide/book.


Tim Dirven. Photojournalist. Brussels.

Yesterday's People.