Sophie Scaplehorn. UK.

map+stamp art=great combo.

Tiina Itkonen. Photographer. Helsinki.

Greenland. A stunning and complete series.
Check out the rest of the photos here:
helsinki school artist.

Seda Hepsev. Painter. Turkey.

Don't Point. Acrylic on canvas.


Cheryl Berkowitz.

Brandon Bird.

Available at U.O.


Mid-Century MODERN.

Living area spanned by bridge made of original flooring from attic.

(sweet Eames Eiffel chairs).

Custom balusters left unfinished.

Salvaged lumber for butcher-block staircase.
Railing made of shower-door glass+industrial hardware.

Headboard of reclaimed wood with additional book crevice.
The New York Times. Modernizing a Hippie Haven. San Fran.

Charles S. Anderson Design. Minneapolis.

another faux wood lover!

Hong Chun Zhang. China. Lives in Kansas.

oil on canvas.

Graphite on paper.

charcoal on paper.


Epicly Later'd. Fully Flared.

Directed by Ty Evans+Spike Jonze+Cory Weincheque. 2007.
The most recent Epicly Later'd show (VBS) is on the 'making of' Lakai's Fully Flared video... inspired me to re-watch the vid... truly epic.
Check out behind the scenes footage on VBS here.

Yura Ota. Painter. Japan.

Hip Hop in Palestine.

Slingshot hip hop. Film. 2008.
Director/producer/editor Jackie Reem Salloum. NYC.

Toby Triumph. Illustrator. UK.


Chen Liangjie. Artist. China.

oil on canvas.
I am in awe... such beautifully atmospheric... haunting... unique paintings.