Inside Facebook’s New Office. California.

Designed by studio O+A who interviewed fbook employees to see what they wanted... and employees collaborated with the designers throughout the entire process. I would have opted for better lighting but hey at least free gourmet meals, snacks, and drinks are provided in mini-kitchens located throughout the building.

Jamie Boys. Artist. Melbourne.

Acrylic & Lumocolor on canvas.Jamie Boys. Artist. Melbourne

Jem + Le Tigre = great combo

Ibraheem Youssef. Designer/Art Director. Toronto.



Letterman and the Giant Cupcake.

Pop Posts 2009.

Danny Lyon. Photographer/Activist. NYC. see here.

The finger wave. 1920s-30s hair doo. see here.

Johan Persson. Photo journalist. Sweden. see here.

I Blame Coco. Music. London. see here.

Solange Knowles + son Daniel aka Juelz. see here.

With New Years around the corner, every art/film/music/fashion blog I visit is doing a countdown... so I felt inspired to look at the Scrapbook stats of most frequently visited posts-not most popular posts according to regular visitors... I'd have to ask for a proper vote to get that answered I think... so if you feel like sharing, I'd be curious to know which posts stood out to you from this past year!


Corey Smith. Artist. California.

“SEND MONEY”. Wood, gloss resin finish.

“SWEET YOU FOUND MY DAD’S GUN”. Mixed media on wood, gloss resin finish.

Design Miami. Monocle.

Watch monocle's piece on Miami's design scene HERE

Katharina Ziemke. Painter. Berlin.

oil on canvas.

Super Fertile S/S 2010 Collection.

This aweseme collection is titled Cra$h.
See previous post on Super Fertile here.


Tiny Little Chairs. Montreal.

AMAZING. Classic mid-century modern chairs in pendant form... perf.
Created by the awesome dudes at Bruxe design and Uranium Neckwear.


Andy MacLean. Painter. Toronto.

Oil on canvas/board. 16x16"-20x20"