(I heart) Sarah Horton. California.

Rachael Ray and Dr. Phil bake Valentines Day cookies.

Lucky in Love.

Star Trek: Set Phasers on Stunning.

Serenity Now!

The Dapper Gentleman.

Napoleon’s Little Pony.


Michele Zalopany. Artist. NY/Italy.

charcoal and pastel on canvas.

Ian Davis. New Jersey.


acrylic on canvas.
Davis's work will be on view at The Armory Show represented by NYC's Leslie Tonkonow Gallery.

Tumblir style.

Fontifier. Doc + Info Design. UK.

Fontifier lets you use your own handwriting for the text you write on your computer. It turns a scanned sample of your handwriting into a font that you can use in your word processor or graphics program. You can also create fonts containing pictures, symbols etc. Fontifier was developed by Human-Computer Interface, a documentation and info design company specialising in high tech gear. Too bad my handwriting is completely atrocious cause I would otherwise pay the $9 for my own font!


Sartorialist for Style.com

(I miss you Tim.)

Juliana Beasley. Photographer. New Jersey.

Last Stop: Rockaway Park.

"On an isolated peninsula at the far edge of New York City there lives a close-knit community of impoverished social outcasts who, bearing the stigma of mental illness and the perception of moral turpitude, have found themselves exiled to a forgotten corner of Queens known as The Last Stop Rockaway Park.
I visit the Rockaway Park community, the site of my project, on a regularly basis and have been doing so for the past four years. During that time I have developed close personal ties within the community.
While it is less than twenty miles from Manhattan, Rockaway Park is another country. It is a place that many financially-strapped mental hospitals and nursing homes have for years used as a dumping ground for some of their indigent patients. This famed Irishtown is the last remnant of hope for many elderly and low income families living in fear of homelessness.
My photographs reveal a society of the disregarded. Unlike most accounts on the urban poverty of minorities, this is also a story about white poverty in NYC. Marginalized and dysfunctional, many have severe disabilities, and are besieged by chronic illness and addiction. They inhabit a hazy twilight world of ramshackle bars, boarding houses, single room occupancies and frayed social services that teeter just beyond the last stop on the NY subway system’s A line." — julianabeasley.com

Werewolf Cupcakes.



Rancho Gordo. Heirloom Beans yo.

The seeds of these special bean varieties are found throughout Central America but are grown in Napa CA. I love the concept of saving seeds... it allows heirloom varieties to continue existing... helping to preserve the cultures that grow them natively. Many heirloom ingredients are in danger of disappearing as they are not sold on the world market-because only varieties that travel well + last long on store shelves are chosen as commodities... taste and quality are not factored into the equation... that's why I love companies like Rancho Gordo who respect food/culture... plus they know a lil somethin somethin about packaging design+marketing.


Bidoun Magazine. NYC.

Art and Culture from the Middle East. Since 2003.
Lisa Farjam= Founder/Editor in Chief. NYC.

Current Issue: A few features

Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults (Kanoon). Arash Sadeghi.

La Galerie Qui Bouge. Kristine Genevive Khouri.

Arabic As A Second Language. Negar Azimi.

Pow Wow Wow. Vahid Zare Zade.

Children Of War: Beirut. Julien & Gabi Asfour.
Children Of War: Kuwait. Fatima Al Qadiri & Khalid Al Gharaballi.
Children Of War: Baghdad. Emad Abdelkarim Ali.

Strike The Empire Back. Michael Rakowitz.

Razing The Emirates.

Some Things Cannot Be Made In China. Vartan Avakian.

Vegan Jihad. Kelefa Sanneh talks to Sean Muttaqi.

Cold War Modern. Shumon Basar.
Beirut Every-Other-Day. Kaelen Wilson-Goldie.
Walid Raad: A History Of Modern & Contemporary Arab Art. Mirene Arsanios.

Islam & The West: A Conversation With Jacques Derrida. Leland de la Durantaye.
The Turban & The Hat. Hassan Khan.
Arabic Sign Language

My Nanny Food.