Romain Erkiletlian. Parisian in NYC.

Digital prints/paint pen/markers/color pencils.

Acrylic/oil/ markers/color pencils on canvas.

Japanese urban landscape. Matrix style.

Christian Marclay. DJ/sculptor/painter/videographer/ill artist.

Born in Cali, raised in Switzerland, lives and works in NYC. Marclay creates sound and image collages using vintage video clips/visuals and unique sounds. I've been drawn to Christians art throughout the years without realizing they were all his... like the record-cover series Body Mix (1991) a well-known fave:
...after seeing his 'Telephones' video piece at the Musée D'art Contemporain de Montréal earlier this year I looked him up and connected the dots...


Slow Food.

Wartime civilian participation program initiated after Pearl Harbor. Americans were encouraged to keep gardens/grow their own (food Labor+ transport shortages and good boost in morale).

Barney Bear's Victory Garden cartoon. 1942. YES!


Kirsty McLaren. Australia. Photographer.

Brandon Bird. California.

oil on canvas.

pencil drawings.

The characters chosen as subjects are perfection, especially Christopher Walken (of course) the star of Brandon's project titled Letters to Christopher Walken- where young art students wrote their annual Christmas letter to Walken:

Christopher Campbell. England.

Oil on linen.


Ben Pobjoy. Land of America.

Check out Ben Pobjoys photo show at the grittiest gallery in Montreal, The Emporium.

I Have Pop. Concrete.

"I have Pop is an ongoing investigation into the dynamics and mechanics of popular culture through a series of autonomous projects and assignments. The idea is to create a different perspective on various elements of pop culture". ihavepop.com

(Fitness weights created for WeSC's flagship NYC+LA stores to support their continuing effort to promote healthy active living)


Budi Satria Kwan. Singapore.

Found at church bizarre. Fiddy cents.

I don't actually believe this phrase of course... it is slightly comical... mostly I enjoy the colors-n-font.

Tribute to Eames.

Jenn Ski. Graphic designer. Massachusetts.

Eames Lounge Chair debut. 1956:

Herman Miller ad for Eames Lounge chair. By Charles & Ray Eames. 1956:

Maywadenki. Japan.

The Zihotch Retro Phone Watch. You dial 117 for the time to be spoken to you. If you dial the wrong number it'll say "we are sorry, the number you have dialed is not in service, please check and call again."
It also has an alarm setting for a personal wake up call in the morning.
Great combo of designs!

Activist Architecture.

Herman Wallace has been in solitary confinement in the US since 1972.
He spends 23 hours a day in a 6 ft. by 9 ft. prison cell.
Wallace was originally convicted of robbery but was later controversially accused of killing a prison officer.
In 2003 activist+artist Jackie Sumell asked Wallace, ‘what kind of house does a man who has lived in a 6x9 box for over thirty years dream of?’
This question spurred the project known as ‘The House that Herman Built’ which is currently on exhibition at the London Festival of Architecture.
Herman and Jackie communicated over the phone- Herman explained his imagined/ideal house and then Jackie created sketches, architectural models, and plans of the design.
Through fundraising Sumell has received enough money to build the house in Wallace's hometown of New Orleans.
A film on this story is in the process of being made-see the inspiring trailer here: http://www.timeofdayfilms.com/thehousehermanbuilt.html


Keepin' it real.

Created by Fairly Painless Advertising for Herman Miller.



Billie Holiday+Count Basie. God Bless The Child. 1952.

DJ Alex Gopher. The Child. Directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet. 1999.

This song was used in (my favorite movie) Amelie during the peep show scene.
I was surprised to find this Typo video to the song (these fonts were probably considered radical in the late 90s- when the vid was made).

(I heart) Jonathan Marshall. Texas.

…You Will Now be Called Johan Pilgrim. Ink+enamel on paper.

The Bear Takes the Flag to Lenny. Ink+gouache on paper.

No Name Crosses the Desert. digi prints.
Marshall uses lots of different media including drawing, video, animation, photo-collage, installation and sculpture.