David Kinch. Chef. California.

Food Forward Trailer.

Q. What do you think is the most under-rated vegetable?
A. I really like root vegetables because they’re lowly. They’re not regal items like foie gras, caviar, or truffles.
Things like rutabagas, turnips, kohlrabi and cabbage, they’re incredibly versatile. They develop really deep, deep flavors and touch all the sensors on the tongue, because of their sugar and salt. They have this really nice bitterness.
Bitterness is really important, I think bitterness is misunderstood a lot in cooking. So, that is what I like about root vegetables.

Q. What is essential with vegetables?
A. Seasonality. It’s a cliche, but it can’t be over emphasized. There are two things for the home cook:
1) you get the product at its peak
2) you also get it at its cheapest.
You’re not importing it in, it’s not some big footprint to getting it. So, it’s a win-win situation. I think a lot of lip service is paid to seasonality. You can go to a lot of famous chefs extolling the virtues of seasonality, but then you get a hamburger with a tomato on top in January and February. That, to me, is wrong. The artistic part of our craft is making that burger work without the tomato in January.


Carhartt. Spring Summer. 2012.

Simple. Classic Cartharrt.

NuView. Sustainable window design. Canada.

The Window Wall.

The Brilliance series.

NuView's booth at Toronto's Interior Design Show 2012-Canada’s largest contemporary design fair.

My bro Dave is an architect/graphic designer/industrial designer/photographer/web-designer/videographer (bastard) who made these videos with our friend Ron Goldenberg of/for NuView Windows... he designed the booth for the fair + company's branding/website... had to give props.


Jason Middlebrook. Artist. Michigander. NY.

acrylic on beech wood plank.

acrylic on maple plank.

acrylic and spray paint on panel.



Trusst by Flavie Halais.

see previous post on my homies from Trusst HERE.

Leah Goren. Illustrator. Brooklyn.


Kumiko Watari aka migh-T. Fashion Designer. Japanese. London.


Dynamo Typocolate Chocolate Project. Montreal.

Designed by Jenna Holcombe - Dynamo's Senior Designer. Dynamo is a Montreal-based creative communications design studio and integrated agency. They create and produce engaging design, communications, branding and content tools for business and culture, with a primary focus on customized interactive web solutions and project-tailored content management systems. "Our solutions are deeply rooted in collaborative strategy, employing a mix of only the best vehicles for communication needs as determined by critical review of the client’s needs, the competitive landscape and strategic foresight, bringing added value and relevance to every initiative. We endeavor to soak each project with creativity, strategic insight and innovation."-godynamo.com