Nike IAM1 + INSA. London.

Euro Nike IAM1 tour. Nike asked INSA, the London-based street artist, to do an installation+exhibition with his trademark pieces. The show is called Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places.

Donutsu Mug. Ceramic.

PCP. Illustrator. Designer. LA. for Poketo.com

The design genius of Charles + Ray Eames. TED.

*Posted for my fellow furniture fanatic followers (tongue twister!)

The legendary design team Charles + Ray Eames made films, houses and classic midcentury modern furniture.
Eames set the bar. Most furniture I see today has hints of the classic Eames aesthetic.

Cardon Webb. Graphic Designer. NY.


Mantas Lesauskas. Industrial Designer. Lithuania.

It is also a table.
Lesauskas's work represents a struggle to talk about social problems through design objects. Former soviet countries experience big problems with the integration of the handicapped into society.


Bijules NYC. Designer Jules Kim.

14 K Vermeil.

solid silver, solid gold, or black gold.

RVCA F/W 2009. Ed Rose Collection.

I've been looking for a classic yellow rain jacket... this is the one.

The Vice Photo Show. The Emporium Gallery‏. Montreal.

The Vice Photo Show at the Emporium Gallery
Opening Thursday, July 16th from 7-11pm
Also open Saturday, July 18th and Sunday, July 19th from 12-5pm
3035 St. Antoine Ouest #74

About the Vice Photo Show Exhibition
Since 2002, Vice magazine has published yearly photo issues that are definitive surveys of what's happening in contemporary photography. Responsible for popularizing the early work of some of today's most respected and imitated photographers, the Vice Photo Issue is, well straight up influential. In celebration of this year's issue, Vice is showcasing the work of Dana Goldstein and Jamie Taete; two emerging photographers that the magazine is fond of.

Vice Statement
"In honour of the 2009 Photo Issue, Vice is putting together two photo exhibitions in Montreal and Toronto to celebrate and supplement some of the new and founding talent we'll be featuring in this issue. Both shows will profile the work of two emerging and regular contributing photographers that we've become quite fond of— Dana Goldstein and Jamie Taete."

About Dana Goldstein
Dana Lauren Goldstein was born in Louisville, Kentucky. After receiving her BFA in photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design, she moved to New York City where she spent a year interning and assisting with eminent fashion photographer Kenneth Cappello. Dana’s work has since been exhibited all over the globe, and has shown with the Pulse Art Fair through the Saatchi Gallery,Tiny Vices, ITIWA, NOfound, Dazed Digital, and Puma. Her work has also appeared in the pages of i-D, Dazed and Confused, Vice, Bad Day, WAD, Intersection, QVest, and Sup among many others. Dana currently resides in lower Manhattan where she is pursuing a book which will be released later this year, and in her spare time she curates raging art parties that feature emerging artists and international talent.

About Jamie Taete
Jamie Taete is a 24-year-old photographer from the exact center of England, whose general celebrity fixation runs so deep he legally changed his name to Jamie Lee Curtis Taete.Like most photographers we admire, Jamie seems able to seek out scenes that are beyond weird, yet they all seem to be happening just down the street from his apartment. His photos have appeared in publications such as Vice, Chief, and The Guardian. His work has also been featured in the Tiny Vices traveling exhibition in USA, Mexico, France, Britain, and Japan. He is currently a staff photographer and regular contributor to Vice UK, and he blogs at jamietaete.blogspot.com

About Vice
"Vice Magazine is the first free, internationally distributed lifestyle magazine in the history of civilization. Founded in Montreal, Quebec and now currently based in New York City, we've been constantly expanding our reach to global proportions. With 18 satellite offices located around the world, simultaneous monthly issues are published from Japan to Brazil to Holland to France and back, with our editions reflecting the latest news and opinions from smart and funny people on the ground in each of our territories. In other cultural sects, you can find us producing our own brand of films, books, dvds and records, as well as our wide-reaching online television network, VBS.tv. In many ways, it's not easy to get rid of us."

*Presented by WeSC, Bierbrier and the Emporium Gallery and is additionally sponsored by GekaSkins and Pikto.

I heart Ella.

Jason Urban. Artist. Austin.

etching + aquatint.

woodblock print.

silkscreen on wood edged with green enamel.


gouache drawings.

embroidered quilt.

Jason does it all, and does it well.

Kay Knight. Artist. Wisconsin.

collage mixed medium and graphite on paper.

gouache on vintage wallpaper.

mixed media.


Best Behavior. Fashion. Copenhagen.

Best Behavior = Danish designers Marie Ørberg + Malene Brøchner.

Dan Witz. Artist. NY.

oil and mixed media on canvas.

oil on canvas.