A print a day keeps the doctor away.

Kareena Zerefos. Australia.

Dave Arnold (Man International). Montreal.

Man International by Dave Arnold.
Vernissage: Mon Oct 13th. 8:30-11pm.
Blizzarts. 3956A St.Laurent. MTL.
Showing until Oct 26th.
Do not miss this if you can help it.

Shay Kun. Artist. Israeli. NYC.

oil+acrylic on canvas.

Thumb twiddling...

Advert from 1989.


Wendy And Lucy. 2008.

Kelly Reichardt. Director.
Jonathan Raymond+Kelly Reichardt. Writers.
Joshua Blum. TODD HAYNES. Phil Morrison. Rajen Savjani. Executive Producers.
Wendy and Lucy was playing at the 37th Festival Nouveau Cinema tonight in Montreal.... one of the most incredible films I've seen... nothing that needs discussing... simply a beautifully moving film... I was blown away by Michelle Williams' performance... left the theater in an altered state... I'm still buzzing.

Cupcake Art.

The 'cupcake hype' has been killed... I'm tired of it to be honest-HOWEVER these babies are an exception... totally awesome cakes.

Lisa Rienermann. Artist. Germany.

Type in the Sky.
Look up. Letters of the alphabet are formed out of the shapes from building against the sky.


Sanza-Hanza. The Emporium Gallery.

Jamie-James Medina+Matthew Salacuse. Photographers. NYC.
The photographers follow V.I.R.U.S. (Very Intelligent Riders Usually Survive), a gang of young Train-Surfers in South Africa. Sanza-Hanza means King Surfer in Zulu. Also showing documentary on the project by Nadia Hallgren:

Sanza-Hanza Official Trailer from Greg Passuntino on Vimeo.
The Emporium Gallery.
3035 St. Antoine O. studio #74. Montreal.
Opens Thurs Oct 16th from 7-11pm. Continues until Sun Oct 19th 12-6pm.
The Emporium
Switzerland Blog



Jazzified alphabet.


Roosevelt Franklin lives in us all.

I heart Matryoshka dolls.


Wood Wood. Copenhagen.

Wood Wood=Brian SS Jensen+Karl-Oskar Olsen+Magnus Carstensen.

Ginger Anyhow. Text Message Embroidery.

Received 02/06-04/07.
see her video work here and here

If You Could Do Anything Tomorrow-What Would It Be?

Get A Dog. Siggi Eggertsson.

Try Again. Luke Best.

A Simple Life. Michael C. Place.

See Things From Above. Andreas Samuelsson.

See Things From Above. Jason Munn.

A project by London design studio HudsonBec-Will Hudson + Alex Bec. Anyone can submit work based on the question 'If you could do anything tomorrow what would it be?'. Together the designs form a Diary that is both available online and published for sale. Chosen artists also get a limited edition print series made. They are currently looking for 09 submissions.
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