The NEWs.

Made in England. Garage Sale. $1.
Montreal Gazette clipping from 1962 about astronaut John Glenn, the first American to travel into space.

Sophomore. NYC. Fall 08.

Designers Chrissie Miller. Madeleine von Froomer.
Models Jen Brill (T.Richardsons GF). Donald (The Virgins).


1860s Farmhouse. Sustainably Converted.

Kitchen wall has cedar shingles from the old house, when it was an exterior wall.
The counters are made from recycled glass+ concrete.

Chairs were rescued from the set of a TV show.
Refurbished by Ellen Hanson.

Tabletop is made from lumber used from the original house.
Steel legs by James DeMartis.

Stair treads are made from discarded wood scraps. Unpainted and unfinished.

via-NY Times. Greening the Hamptons.



House Boat. Swedish Style.

With ice caps melting and sea level rising this is the perfect home for the future. It just needs to be located somewhere with moderate-warm temperature all year round (not Sweden).


Scott Wenner.

I love.


Mjolk homme. S/S 09.

Mjolk= Lars Stoten+John Clarke.
Lars is Danish, John is English. Started in Japan- made mostly in Australia (Ethan M).